Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas to you! 50% off!

OK friends! This week all the items in my Christmas Fundraiser are 50% off!!! What? Yes!!

 Check it out!! 

Luke's Christmas

Even though Luke doesn't have his own family this Christmas he is living in China with an amazing group of people. Luke is very fortunate to be at Shepherd's Field Children's Village where the family style homes create a loving and caring environment for their 80+ children. 

This week Shepherd's Field has been celebrating Christmas with the children. Fun! 

Smiling for the camera while decorating the houses for Christmas.

Luke with the Samaritan's House residents.

Cute smile Luke! 

Luke with his best buddies Adrian and Shane.
(Aren't they cute!?)

Luke with his new housemates at Zachary House. 
(He was recently moved to another house on the compound 
to make room for new babies with heart problems). 

Luke with one of his Christmas presents. 
So excited to get a toy car!

Adrian, Luke, Kennedy and a staff member Sara
(Showing off their presents, new stuffed puppies and cars!) 

I absolutely love seeing the joy on Luke's face this Christmas! I am so happy that he is able to experience that joy and be with his precious friends in a warm loving home! 

However he still needs a family of his own! What child doesn't deserve the priceless love of a mother and father and siblings? 

I'm prying that next Christmas Luke will have a family!

Will you join me in prayer for Luke? 

This wouldn't be possible without the support of the child sponsors! Please consider sponsoring a child (or more than one) this Christmas! What a blessing they will be in your life! Please go here to sponsor a beautiful child at Shepherd's Field in China. There are at least 50 children who still need sponsors!

*pictures by Jamie, Sara Z., and Timothy Baker (Thank you!)

Sunday Snapshot

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Items Added to My Fundraiser!

Can't eat cookies? Don't need any more ornaments? Then, check these handmade canvases out!

Ornaments Canvas (10x10)

Price: $10

Shipping (*if not local): $5 

*If local: I will gladly deliver it to you personally if you would prefer. :)

Snowman Canvas (8X8)

Price: $10

Shipping (*if not local): $5 

*If local: I will gladly deliver it to you personally if you would prefer. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Missing It...

"Though you may leave Africa, Africa will never leave you. It's a very specific relationship that way, one endlessly rich in its specificity." 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Is Over!?

November was National Adoption Awareness Month. If you read  this post you know that I (along with so many other people) participated in the "Pray Down the Number @ 1:47 pm" Event. And it was even more amazing that I thought it would be!! Each day I chose an orphan or an adoptive family (or anything to do with orphans around the world) and lifted them up to the Father. It wasn't hard at all to think of someone or something each day. Each day it seemed that God would put a child a family or a subject in my head and I went with that. It was an honor to pray for them during the whole month of November. The fact that I wasn't alone in praying each day was also a great encouragement. There are 176 people in the facebook group and even if all of them weren't actually praying at the same time it was still amazing to know that each one of them was lifting up orphans all over the world at some point each day. This was an awesome event and I can't wait to participate next year! God really moved, prayers were answered, and God showed up in these lives. 

Just for fun, here is the list I kept:  
(You may or may not recognize some of these names) :)

1st: Liberty and William
2nd: JJ and family
3rd: Will Perry and Ankerich family
4th: Blossom (SFCV)
5th: Luke (SFCV)
6th: Older orphans who struggle with depression
7th: Sharon (SFCV)
8th: Grady (SFCV)
9th: Ruby and Saunders family
10th: Kennedy (SFCV)
11th: Josiah's family (SFCV)
12th: Smith Family (and Derrick)
13th: Stella (Uganda)
14th: Jordyn and Rist Family
15th: Henry (Uganda)
16th: Kira LaTorre
17th: Brookie Leahy
18th: Kayley's sisters
19th: Josh and family (SFCV)
20th: Stoiber family
21st: Joseph (SFCV)
22nd: Phiona's work with orphans
23rd: Orphans in Uganda
24th: Orphans in China
25th: Orphans in Russia
26h: Orphans in India
27th: Orphans in USA
28th: Kiraboo Seeds
29th: Esther and Stonebrook family
30th: Older orphans left behind

*(SFCV)= Children from Shephard's Field Children's Village