Friday, January 28, 2011

Lyric Friday

It's been a while since I posted a "Lyric Firday", so here goes.

I found this song on the blog of a family who is in the process of adopting a little one from Uganda. Yes, another one (from the baby home) that we got meet in June! :) They have been waiting and waiting to travel for a long time. It's a great song, and maybe it will encourage some of you who may (or may not be) in the adoption process as well.

Here's the video:

And here is a link to the lyrics:



my new sponsor child 


Isn't she beautiful?

Stella is 11 years old and lives in Kampala, Uganda. Stella lives with her older sister and nephew. Her sister had Stella move in to babysit her child while she went to work. Stella has only completed 3rd grade. Her father abandoned the family (typical), and her mother lives in a village 5 hours outside of Kampala. Stella's sister will now work from home and stay with her child, so that Stella can attend school. 

Here she is with her nephew

I am so excited to begin this new sponsorship. And it makes it even more special since I've actually walked the streets of Kampala and I have an idea of how life is there. Stella starts school in February and I pray that she will benefit greatly from her education and no longer have limits on what she is able to do. Please join with me in praying for her as she transitions back into going to school and continues contributing to her family's needs. Also, that her sister will be able to find something she can do from home that will support her son and her sister.

Blog Makeover (And Help)!

As you can tell I have a new blog makeover. :)

Does anyone know how to make the header bigger and get rid of the gray background? I've pretty much tried everything and I can't figure it out.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Won't You Be My Love?

Amazing song. Great video. 
I miss Africa!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Orphans of God!

...How amazing is that?

"No I will not abandon you as orphans- I will come to you."      - John 14:18

Friday, January 14, 2011

Uganda Team Reunion!!

(So I finally decided to post about the reunion! Now that it's not fresh in my mind anymore, oh well!)

I wasn't sure it would ever happen, but some of the team was able to meet up for Kirk and Bradley's wedding! So we all got to see each other again!  Yay! 

4 of us (Rachel, Rosie, Hayley, and I) met in Georgia. We stayed in Albany (at Hayley's super cute house) for a few days catching up and enjoying our time together, just like old times (in Uganda! Crazy huh?)!
Rachel, Me, Rosie, and Hayley
(Photo by: Hayley)

Then we together traveled on New Year's Eve to Florida. We stayed in a Disney Resort, and I was so excited to actually go to Disney for the first time!

Disney World! Ahhh! :)

That night we went to a perfect little town called Celebration, Florida. They had a NYE celebration, and I'd have to say it was the best ever!!!! The fireworks show was unbelievable, and being there with awesome friends really made it even more amazing!!

(Photo by: Hayley)

The Grand Finale!!

The next day (1/1/11) was the wedding! And was is beautiful and amazing? Yes totally!! And seeing everyone from our trip to Uganda 7 months ago was priceless! We even got a picture! 

Everyone that was at the wedding and in Uganda together this past summer!
(Photo by: Hayley)
Bradley and I
(Photo by: Hayley)
Wedding Photobooth! Us with Ellie!

Then for our last day in Florida we decided to have some fun in Downtown Disney!! And of course shopping at the Disney shops for goodies to take back to our families. 

In front of "Design A Tee"
(Photo by: Hayely)
Me and Buzz Lightyear! :)

Ahhhh Florida! How I miss you!

Then on top of all that, on our way back Rachel, Rosie and I got to meet an amazing family that just adopted a little boy that we met at the babies home in Uganda 7 months ago!!! This little boy is 2 years old and we knew him as "David" then:

Rachel holding him in Uganda.
His new name is Charles Tucker and it was so great to get to see him again, not to mention in the United States with his forever family! No longer an orphan! Melissa (his mom) was so kind to give me some newspaper bead necklaces from Uganda! It was so amazing to get to meet her too, because she was the first one to find my Uganda blog and was able to get me in touch with the other families adopting from the babies home! It has been such a blessing to see the precious babies that we got to meet in Uganda, now with families!! I can't explain it! Other than: God is AWESOME!! 

Here we are with Charles Tucker and his mom Melissa!
Thanks for letting us come by to meet you and your family Melissa!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm "homesick" for Uganda! Can I go back now? I can't believe it's been 7 months!

This video basically summarizes all that we did in Uganda. And when I watched it all I wanted was to be there again! Hopefully soon!

Uganda: Love Has Found Us from HayleyCatt on Vimeo.
Song: Love Has Found Us by Bellarive


Check out this awesome giveaway!

 If you love Africa... 

(how could you not) 

... you are going to love this!!! 

Find out how to enter here:

Lyric Friday

We Have Room
© 2009 We Have Room
Lyrics: Heidi Weimer and Micah Huebner
Music: Micah Huebner
There’s an orphan. Hear her crying.
Lonely and losing all hope
She is desperate, with no family
No mom to call her own
Questions and doubts haunt her at night
As she wonders what she did wrong
Will life ever change, her fear ever fade
Will she ever belong?
We have room for you, child
Soon you will have a new home
When the lonely tears roll down your face
Know that you don’t cry alone
We’re down on our knees
Praying for the day
When we will meet you face to face
We have room in our hearts
Room in our home for you
There’s an orphan. See him praying.
Believing that this is the day
That a father will come and get him
and his pain will be washed away
It’s easy to say as we kneel down to pray
God, save these kids today
But it’s time to stand up and answer the call
We’ve got to make a way
We have room for you, child
Soon you will have a new home
When the lonely tears roll down your face
Know that you don’t cry alone
We’re down on our knees
Praying for the day
When we will meet you face to face
We have room in our hearts
Room in our home for you
You are not forgotten
You are not alone
You are not forgotten
You’re a treasure of my own
I am not forgotten
I am not alone
I am not forgotten
I will always be loved
You’re no mistake
No last resort
You are worth fighting for
You are special
You are wanted
You are loved
We have room for you, child
Soon you will have a new home
When the lonely tears roll down your face
Know that you don’t cry alone
We’re down on our knees
Praying for the day
When we will meet you face to face
We have room in our hearts
Room in our home
For the rest of our lives
You will always be our own
We have room in our hearts
Room in our home for you
(I am not forgotten.)

You can purchase this song on itunes:
And you will be able to listen to the full song (scroll down until you see the music player) on the "We Have Room" Facebook page here:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Year Sponsorship Anniversary!

Wow! Is it 2011 Already!?!

Seriously, it still hasn't really sunk in that it is 2011 now! I just realized today that it is my 2 Year Sponsorship Anniversary!! I had to think about it for a minute and I am shocked that it has been a year since my first anniversary. It seems like only a couple months! But sure enough I looked back in my posts from January of 2009 and found the post I put together last year. So I guess that's the prof I needed! I knew this year seemed to be going by extremely fast, but this truly confirms it!

Last year I posted about how God first opened my heart for orphans and then later led me toward sponsorship. It has been an incredible journey so far. Since then, I have had the chance to: serve orphans in Africa, meet many adoptive families and their no-longer-orphan children, meet many other young adults/families that have the same passion for orphan care/adoption that I do, and see a total change in my life as I seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus instead of living for myself.

And looking back over the video that I made on last year's post I remembered that last year I didn't know there was a family out there for Tristan (at least not yet)! But now there is!!! And he will be home very soon!!! As you can imagine, I am beyond excited for him and his new family!! And from this point forward I shall call him William, since that is his new name!! :)

Here is a link to last year's post (sponsorship video included):